Defaulter is a default import settings manager for Unity. Defaulter gives you the ability to create custom import settings for different asset types, making your workflow easier and more manageable.

With Defaulter, you can tweak Unity's default import settings to match your workflow, and set up custom import rules based on file names, file paths, etc, to import certain files in unique ways. For example, all sprites in a folder called "Player" can automatically inherit certain import properties, like setting their packing tag to "PLAYER", or turning off mip maps.
Defaulter provides you with a simple window that allows you to toggle an "override" of these settings. Overridden properties will then be applied to every new asset you import into your project. No more manually disabling "Import Materials" on every model, or turning off "Generate Lightmaps" on every scene you create. Defaulter is here to make your entire asset import pipeline simple and hassle free.
  • Provides you with an window to set Unity's default import settings
  • Allows you to set up custom "rules" to import files with specific settings, based on file properties
  • Non-intrusive, automatically whitelists all assets currently in your project

Defaulter is available on the Unity Asset Store for $20.

Site licenses are also available for a discounted price, contact me at tonycoculuzzi@gmail.com for inquiries.
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